Some of the first beds, according to historians, were made back in Persia around 3600 BC. Moving forward a few thousand years, we have the advent of mattresses, being created in ancient Rome. Going forward several hundred years into the Renaissance period, beds were then stuffed with feathers, straw, and other materials. It was not until 1857 when the very first steel coil spring was invented, that we had access to this type of innovation. From that point forward, beds were subsequently constructed with a box spring, upon which a mattress would be placed. Even the mattresses were equipped with springs that would provide support. Today, we have many different options, going far beyond the traditional box spring and mattress combinations.

Why Have We Deviated From Spring Beds?

The deviation from spring beds came as a result of new and innovative technologies. There were also beds that were made which were simply unique. For example, the waterbed was an innovative bed, one that allowed people to literally sleep on water. However, they were not very durable, and would not provide the incredible support that we have with modern mattresses that are sold today. Some of the best ones that you can get which cost several thousand dollars include air beds, latex mattresses, those that are made with gel and memory foam. In fact, memory foam has become a very prominent type of mattress that is very helpful for those that need the most support for their back so they can sleep at night.

Is Using A Spring Bed A Bad Idea?

Spring beds are still made today. They are sometimes referred to as an innerspring bed, one that will have coils built inside. For some people, this is the best option because they will have a much lower cost, and they provide them with the support that they have been used to for decades. There are other people that will not switch because they have tried memory foam beds that actually cause their back to hurt, and they are not able to get comfortable on a waterbed or one that is made of gel. Therefore, they will continue to be made because there is still a major market for them, plus they are one of the most cost effective solutions for producing affordable beds for the general public.

Now that you know the history of spring beds, you can see that they have come a long way. The one that you purchase today will likely be much more advanced than anything you have purchased in the last 10 years. You may want to consider some of the other types of materials from which beds are made, but you may still prefer having springs in your beds because of the support and comfort that they provide.


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