The majority of people either sleep on their back or on their side. While both of these positions can be comfortable, most experts recommend laying on your back while you sleep. The position that you sleep in at night can affect your body in a number of different ways. Here are four reasons why you should do your best to sleep on your back whenever possible:

  1. Sleeping on your back promotes better spinal alignment.

When you lay on your back, your head, neck, and spine are all properly aligned. Good spinal alignment can not only make it easier to sleep at night but can also reduce pain the following day. If you do sleep on your back, however, you should make sure that you choose your pillow wisely. Opt for a pillow that is relatively flat so that your neck doesn’t bend too far forward. Avoid sleeping on a big pile of pillows or on a pillow that is exceptionally tall if you are going to lay on your back.

You should also opt for a mattress that has a medium firmness. If the mattress is too soft, your lower body can sink down too far into it, putting strain on your lower back. If it is too hard, on the other hand, it won’t properly support the natural curve of your spine. A medium-firm mattress provides the ideal balance. It is soft enough to support your lower back but not so soft that your hips will sink too far down into it.

  1. Back sleepers are less likely to experience shoulder or hip pain.

If you sleep on your side, it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders and on your hips. If your mattress is too firm, this can cause painful pressure points to develop. Unfortunately, this pain can stick with you even after you get out of bed.

Back sleepers don’t have to worry about this type of pain. When you lay on your back, there isn’t any pressure on your shoulders or on your hips. Instead, your body is evenly supported all the way from your head to your feet.

  1. Sleeping on your back can help you avoid wrinkles.

As strange as it may sound, laying on your back while you sleep could help keep your skin looking more youthful as you age. If you sleep on your side, your face is smooshed up against your pillow. This creates creases in your skin. Over time, if you always sleep in the same position, these creases can become permanent, turning into wrinkles.

When you sleep on your back, on the other hand, your skin stays smooth all night. This can minimize the risk of developing wrinkles over time. If you currently sleep on the same side each night, take a look at your face. You probably already have more wrinkles on that side than on the other. To avoid making the problem worse, try training yourself to sleep on your back instead. As you get older, you will be glad that you did.

  1. Your pillowcase stays cleaner.

If you wear a face cream to bed at night, you can wind up getting it all over your pillow if you sleep on your side or your stomach. When you sleep on your back, however, your pillowcase stays a lot cleaner. As an added bonus, more of the product stays on your face. That allows it to do its job much better. There is no point in investing in expensive skin care products if they are just going to get wiped off on your pillow. Learning to sleep on your back can help you get the most out of the products that you use.

These are the four top reasons why you should think about sleeping on your back. If you currently sleep on your side or stomach, it can be hard to train yourself to sleep in a different position. If you can’t seem to make the change on your own, consider using extra pillows to keep yourself in the right position.

If you wake up and find yourself on your side, switch to your back right away. As long as you are consistent, your body will eventually get the message, allowing you to naturally sleep on your back without even having to think about it.


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