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Weekly Whiskey

Balvenie 17yr. DoubleWood



Dalmore 12yr. 40 vol 9
rich, malty sweetness, light peat

Dalwhinnie 15yr. 43 vol 9
smooth, aromatic, heather-honey notes

Glenmorangie 10yr. 40 vol 7
spicy, malty sweet tones, almost buttery

Glenmorangie 18yr. 43 vol 15
smooth, sweet, walnuts, spicy

Oban 14yr. 43 vol 9
whiff of the sea, fresh peat, dry

Speyburn 10yr. 40 vol 6
clean, slightly malty, herbal, floral

Glen Garioch 1994 53.9 vol 15
toffee, floral, subtle smoke


Aberlour 16 yr. 40 vol 10
plum, raisin, floral

Balvenie 14yr. Caribbean Cask 43 vol 14
extra matured in rum casks
rich, vanilla, apple, mango

Balvenie 17yr. DoubleWood 43 vol 22
matured in whisky and sherry casks
vanilla, honeysuckle, winter spices

Balvenie 21yr. Portwood 40 vol 25
finished in port casks
rich, toffee, nutty, complex

Glenfarclas 21yr. 43 vol 14
sherry, sweet lemon, ginger, spicy

Glennfiddich 12 yr. 40 vol 9
orchard fruit, floral , spices

Glenfiddich 15yr. Solera 40 vol 9
silky, white chocolate, pears in cream

Glenlivet 12yr. 40 vol 7
floral, peaches, vanilla

Glenlivet 18yr. 43 vol 13.5
sweet, peach, nutty, floral

Glenlivet 21yr. Archive 43 vol 22.5
sherry, flowery, spicy

Macallan 12yr. 43 vol 9
honey, sherry, flowering currant

Macallan 15yr. Fine Oak 43 vol 15
subtle, vanilla, stone fruit

Macallan 18yr. 43 vol 30
winter spice, vanilla, cooked apples


Highland Park 12yr. 40 vol 12
grilled orange, green tea, jasmine

Highland Park 18yr. 43 vol 16
slightly salty, nuts, honey, dry

Highland Park 25yr. 53.5 vol 45
honey, toffee, nuts

Talisker 10yr. 45.8 vol 9
syrupy, smoky, malty sweet, peppery

Talisker Storm 45.8 vol 9
wood smoke, brine, chili peppers


Bowmore 12yr. 43 vol 8
sherry, sweetness, spicy

Lagavulin 16yr. 43 vol 12
dry, grassy, salt

Blended Scotch

Famous Grouse 40 vol 5
biscuit, malt, spice, smoke


Three One Ounce Pours

Speyside Flight 
Balvenie 14 yr. Caribbean Cask
Glenfiddich 12 yr. Solera
Macallan 15 yr. Fine Oak

Highlands Flight
Glenmorangie 10 yr.
Dalmore 12yr.
Oban 14 yr.

American Whisky Flight
Buffalo Trace
Dad’s Hat Rye
Four Roses Small Batch